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While Bitcoin Rises, Solana Drops With Wallet Attack


As the US-China tension did not escalate as much as feared at first, Bitcoin rose above $ 23,300 again. As the rise spread across the market, the attack on Solana wallets led to a decline in this cryptocurrency. It is stated that as a result of the attack, 8,000 Solana hot wallets have been seized so far.

Bitcoin had regressed to $ 22,710 yesterday with the effect of the Taiwan-based tension. Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nacy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan yesterday despite warnings from China.

The Chinese Government has declared that this visit is a violation of the 'One China' policy and there will be consequences. However, detailed information about what these results will be was not shared. The People's Liberation Army of China (PLA), on the other hand, launched a large-scale military exercise.

With the effect of the tension not having as bad results as expected, there was a relief in cryptocurrencies today. Analysts, on the other hand, stated that the statements that may come from China, in particular, could quickly reverse the tide.

Bitcoin rose by 2.2 percent daily as of 12.20 TSI today, rising to $ 23,330. Ethereum, on the other hand, rose 4.5 percent to $1,655.

Fall in Solana

Among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market value, Binance Coin rose 4.2 percent, Ripple rose 0.7 percent, Cardano rose 3.5 percent and Dogecoin rose 2.4 percent. As of this afternoon, a daily loss was recorded in Solana with only 2.4 percent in the top 10.

The reason for the decline in Solana was the attack on hot wallets. Solana wallets of nearly 8,000 users using hot online cryptocurrency wallet providers such as Phantom, Slope and TrustWallet were compromised. The money in these wallets was emptied without the knowledge of the users. Cryptocurrency and blockchain data tracking platform OtterSec reported that the attack continues.

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