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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Index

Analysts Are Assertive: Bitcoin Could Exceed $50,000 At Any Time


While leading names in the cryptocurrency community continue to offer different predictions about the market, more popular names such as Max Keizer and Ali Martinez commented on the course of the Bitcoin price.

Max Keiser, known as Bitcoin advocate, recently offered his predictions regarding BTC adoption strategy. While Keizer emphasized that GBTC has reached balance, he stated that $50,000 is an achievable target.

Keizer, who is also an advisor to El Salvador President Nayib Bukele, also shared that the president thought the move towards this price was blocked because "some Wall Street giants blocked Bitcoin ETF purchases." Leading Wall Street giants, especially BlackRock, have taken an important step against this problem with the ETF solution they offer.

What is the Status of Bitcoin On-Chain Activity?

Interpreting on-chain data beyond speculative price predictions, Ali Martinez drew attention to the increase in active Bitcoin addresses. As we reported as, according to the latest data, the number of active wallets exceeded 1 million. The most important detail is that the adoption rate is increasing.

Santiment shared his view that small BTC investors are leaving the market. According to data, more than 487,000 wallets holding approximately 1 BTC have been liquidated in the last four years. Therefore, questions began to increase about how this situation would be reflected in the price.

With the increase in active Bitcoin addresses, the liquidation of small wallets creates a complex scenario. While the increased activity indicates broader adoption and use of BTC, Santiment suggests that a flight of small investors could lead to a jump in price.

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