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Bitcoin Suggestion from Saylor to Elon Musk's Manchester Joke


Elon Musk managed to become the center of attention with his tweets at night. After the famous businessman announced that Manchester United's words were a joke hours later, a suggestion came from Michael Saylor to Musk: "We prefer you to buy Bitcoin"

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has made resounding words on Twitter. Stating that he supported the non-extremist aspects of both sides in the Republican and Democratic Party in his tweets at TSI at midnight, Musk said that he would buy Manchester United in his next tweet.

Received Hundreds of Thousands of RTs

While Musk's statement that he would buy Manchester United, one of the most important teams of the Premier League and which has hundreds of millions of fans all over the world, created a bombshell effect on social media, while Musk clarified the issue hours later. Tesla and SpaceX CEO said that these words were connected with a long-standing joke and had no such purpose. However, until the announcement, Musk's tweet had already received over a hundred thousand RTs and over 500 thousand "favs"...

Advice from Michael Saylor: Buy Bitcoin

Michael Saylor, the name behind this policy of the MicroStrategy company, which has been regularly buying Bitcoin since the summer of 2020, suggested to Musk "Buy Bitcoin" on Twitter. Saylor wrote under Musk's "I'm buying Manchester United" tweet, "We'd rather you buy more Bitcoin". Musk, on the other hand, has not responded to Saylor as of this minute.

As it will be remembered, Michael Saylor recently left his CEO position at MicroStrategy. Saylor cited this step as the fact that the company only wanted to deal with Bitcoin policy.

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